Recruiting for a new a team. All Roles needed. Must Be ranked Gold 1 - Plat 1. Please read Post

Hello guys skrn here, I've been wanting to put together a team for league of legends for quite some time now, and since the season is coming to a close and the new season will start a few months after I figured now is the time to do it. Firstly a couple things about what i expect to come out of making a team; -The team will compete in several online tournaments that are all held in the elos between gold and plat -The team will play together frequently and grow together as well, my idea here is that we can all make it to diamond and grow as individual players as well as grow as a group together. -My most important thing is to get a team that has 5 skilled players that communicate well so the recruiting process will consist of grouping people together and getting to know how everyone communicates with each other, as well as their individual skill. - I have a couple of coaches in line to teach that are all in Diamond 3 and up. as well as a friend who would like to analyse our games to help us fix mistakes and hopefully win more games. Next, the process of getting the team. Below this there is a template of what is needed to be filled out, which basically gives me basic info about you and your in game info as well. After i get enough people as well as multiples for each role I will start playing with everyone mostly in normals and ranked qs. Also I have a discord setup of course as that will be the main comms software. That's pretty much it so if you're interested just fill out the info in the format below and add me as well and ill start talking to people and hopefully would like to have a group together within the next week or by the end of this weekend to start playing. Thanks guys, Skrn out In Game Name : Age: Current Rank : Highest Rank Achieved (don't lie i will check) : Current main role/s (no more than 2) : Champion pool(list at least 3): Any past in the competitive scene of any game: Weaknesses as a player : Strong points as a player : Times Available CST : Rate Yourself Portion. This portion is just to see what you would rate your in game skill. Rates are on the scale of 1-5, 1 being your lowest aspect and 5 being your highest. Feel free to explain your reasoning for which number you gave yourself. For example this is mine. Mechanics :3 Game Knowledge:5 Attitude:3 Map Awareness:2 AS soon as the chat is back up on league i will be adding people. Thanks guys {{champion:44}}
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