Chaosblade Gaming Discord Community welcomes all! Come join a fun, friendly, always spicy community!

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to u you to an up and rising NA community, a.k.a. "the most lit corner of Discord." _**(CG) Chaosblade Gaming!* We're an organization mainly based around League of Legends (NA), but also has a little bit to offer to anyone, and I already know what you're thinking. They can't really offer something to everyone ... can they? Well set your skepticism aside for a moment, and let me Break. It. Down. Anybody fits it here in CG, and here's a few Q&A's that prove exactly that. ... What if I'm a just a filthy casual? It's OK! Most of us are filthy casuals. We play plenty of games in normal queue and ARAMs and could always use more people to join us, regardless of level or rank. ... What if I'm not a filthy casual? It's still OK! We have a system in place that lets players easily create and join organized teams. Players can volunteer to be captains and run their teams their way while CG organizes scrims with other organizations for you that are fully streamed and shoutcasted, with highlight videos! ... What if I don't even play that much league, and I don't have a single clue why I'm browsing through League of Legends community posts in the first place? You're not alone! We wouldn't deserve to be called "gamers" if we were tied down to a single game, that's what spouses are for! We have players that span across the whole spectrum of game genres, for example... Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, PUBG, HotS, Ranbow Six, Pokemmo, even down to browser based games and tabletop simulators like Cards Against Humanity and Town of Salem! That's just the start, there's plenty more and we're always open to try anything thrown at us. Now if reading that didn't feel like you just slipped into the tightest pair of overalls you've ever worn in your life, then we can even assist finding you some professional help. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!! (R.I.P.) Don't start struggling out of those overalls yet, because we're not done. WHO ARE WE? The entire foundation we're built off of is that we strive to provide a welcoming and fun place where no one should ever feel like they have to play solo, unless they want to. We're a largely casual community currently 600-some strong that primarily plays too much League of Legends, as we stated before. We have all sorts of players from all sorts of ranks, so there's no need to be nervous. If you need a duo buddy or just someone to ARAM with we've got you covered. If you're looking to form a team or start a stream following, we've got you covered too. Even if you've never even downloaded and played a League match in your life, we've got you covered. Local blanket stores absolutely hate us because of how many people we cover! WHAT DO WE DO? We play games! What else would we do? Besides the usual slogs through ranked and normal queues, we have started dabbling in having tournaments and have had great success. We also have 1-2 regular weekly in-house nights. They have a loose "flavor-of-the-week" feel to them, because they're based on the general preferences of the members. Sometimes we 5v5 ARAM, and sometimes we blow it up on Summoner's Rift. Sometimes we travel to Sketch League, Cards Against Humanity, Broken Picturephone, Town of Salem, etc.. The point is, these "sometimes" could feature your suggested games too, and if you're just plain tired of the league grind, just speak up! Odds are there's someone on the server who wants to play with you. So now that those overalls have set in and are starting to feel comfy, possibly even inspiring a complete new "fashionable" wardrode for yourself, I know your last question... HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS HOT SERENDIPITOUS SWEATY ACTION?! vvvvvvvv BA-BA-BAM vvvvvvvv ^^^^^^ THAT EASY ^^^^^^ CLICK ON ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THAT LINK RIGHT THERE! It will take you straight to this saucy discord server. No interviews, no whitelists, just drop in, chat and play. We are primarily active during evenings and nights so don't be scared off if you show up at the beastly hour of 7 AM and only a few people are on, just hang out and play with the wide range of bot functions. We'll flood in and smother you like a burrito later, because it's all about that night life baby! Just like the local blanket stores, the local night clubs hate us too because we're more wild n' out than they are any night with just our music bot and slot machines. So come in and join the "11/10" sexiest admin team around: Jayce 0n Derulo, CyanicAcid, Theatrical Corgi, RUJoking, and others in some shenanigans. (Spicy memes and cookies provided)
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