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The latest Tweets from Mag!c Esports (@MagicEsportsGG). Organization looking to become bigger | CS:GO | Rocket League | League of Legends | Overwatch | #Leviosaah | Sponsor: @EsportsDesignGG[/img] Are you in Gold or up and looking for a competitive team? Than Mag!c Esports may be the team for you. We are looking to fill out our roster which requires the following roles: -Top -Mid -Jungle If you are one of these roles and fit the appropriate ranking then this team may be for you! Currently we have no requirements about role playstyles but as the team starts to come together we will build around it more. (IE a person plays more carry top laners, we will want to then focus on a more supportive type of mid laner who can play zilean, lulu, etc.) We prefer you to be 16 years or older for maturity reasons. No flaming, no toxicity needed. We are willing to work with you to help you to improve yourself both as a player and a teammate. We have a manager who is willing to review games and scrim with us to help us improve and allows him to give us personalized advice. If you don't want to add us in game then please comment with the following info: IGN: Role: Rank: Rank Last Season: Playstyle: Top 3 Champs For Your Role: Strengths: Weaknesses: Otherwise feel free to send us a message in game: {{champion:412}} IGN: Sturdy Ghost Role: Support {{champion:222}} IGN: Cheezit Jesus Role: ADC {{champion:25}} IGN: Prior of the Ori Role: Mid {{champion:68}} IGN: Draxgun Role: Top {{champion:79}} IGN: Solarica Role: Jungle
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