Team Energized looking for players (Sponsored) 9pm EST

This account will not be playing on the team, it's just a smurf account. Hello, my name is Ai Pretty boy and I am a partner and manager with Team Energized. There will be 4 teams. The team is privately sponsored, tournaments and coaching is payed for. The first team to tryout for you have to have to have been a minimum of plat last season or gold 1+ current season 2nd team is preferred plat + last season but golds are accepted 3rd team is open for all to tryout but tryouts will take place at a further date The main team currently has two players but all positions are available for tryout. The second team is currently looking for a top lane and jungle but may consider an adc and support depending on how the current members preform they may be placed on the third team. Due to the team being sponsored, being late or absent for a scheduled practice is not accepted after 1 incident so please fill out the questions below so I know if you are eligible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IGN: Current Rank: Last Seasons Rank: Position(s) (Two at most): Top 3 champions played: Availability: Why should you be invited for a tryout: Do not add me in game... post here. If you add this account or my regular account you will not be allowed to tryout. Tryouts are tonight at 9 pm EST.
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