[Serious]-[Silver/Gold/Platinum]-[Competitive 5v5 Team] Nobody Better Gaming needs members!

---------------PLEASE READ EVERYTHING----------------------- Hello readers! My name is BE A Misfit and I currently play on and manage my very own "Nobody Better Gaming, or " and we need players for an upcoming tournament/league. This tournament is taking place on the 27th and 28th of this month. Depending on our placement in this tournament will decide whether or not we will be invited to future tournaments hosted by the same person. BE AWARE, THESE EVENTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED HOWEVER, OUR TEAM WILL STILL PLAY TOGETHER TO PARTICIPATE IN OTHER EVENTS AND RANKED 5'S. I am creating this post to search for additional players who would become either full time players, players on a possible academy team or, substitutes for either. Our organization is also searching for other forms of staff or management. Things such as graphics designers, coaches, and or managers are all welcome to reply or shoot me a PM. Be informed that we will not be able to pay you as of currently so anything done for us will be on your own free will. I am looking for players who are willing to dedicate time to the team to improve together, who are willing to take constructive criticism, and will not flake out after a couple of bad games. --If you cannot meet at times or you are really in consistent on when you can or cant play don't apply. (Team Schedule). --You need a mic and need to have a well enough understanding of English to communicate with us. -Questions to answer- op.gg info(not required but heavily appreciated) : IGN : Role applying for : Time Zone/Rough Schedule layout (Are you a student? Do you hold a job? etc.) : Age (not required) : Highest Rank: Current Rank(End of Season Rank): Favorite Champion(s): Top 3 Champs in champ pool: Type of player you are (Open to your interpretation): Strengths/Weaknesses (be honest): Communication preference(I will encourage using Discord as it is the easiest for most people to use and reliable): Amount of Pro League/Streams you watch: If you are really interested in joining the team leave a little brief description of yourself or something that will actually make me want to read your reply :) Trust me it will help. Also be sure to specify if you want to be a substitute or a starting player. If you don't receive a friend request from someone soon add "BE A Misfit" in game to get my attention :) ------IF THE FOLLOWING INTERFERES WITH YOU IN ANY WAY DO NOT APPLY.------- --You must be willing to show up to practices or schedules team meetings. As of now I have no current designated schedule but most of our time will be spent during the weekdays. --Any one tricks will not be considered, we want players who have wide and flexible champion pools. --Be willing to treat everyone on the team as your equal, none of us are "better" than the others. There will be no 1st place on our team, there will be no favorites, and there certainly will not be any hate against other players for "being bad" --if you are toxic or I deem you as being a negative person to play with you will be eliminated from tryouts. If you made it all the way down here then thank you very much for reading my post! I really hope you consider joining because I myself love playing with a team and because I really need a roster in general :) This has BEen A Misfit and remember "There's Nobody Better than us".
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