IGN? WillSmiff6969 Name or preferred title? Nikhil Adarkar Age? 18 Time zone? PST Rank? Bronze 2 Role you wish to apply for? Support or Jungle Preferably in order, list your best champions. Support: Thresh>Janna>Blitz>Morgana>Shen> Soraka Jungle: Gragas>Udyr>Vi>Xin Zhao Preferably in order, list champions you would like to learn or improve at. Thresh: mid to late game shotcalling Shen: better use of ults Vi: Midgame shotcalling and better flash qs Why do you want to be apart of this team? As stated above I recognize you wish to have a strong organization, and that appeals to me. I want to help you guys succeed in any way possible Are you willing to work through disagreements and try to better the team, instead of jumping ship? I will stick with this team through thick and thin, unless I am repeatedly and personally attacked verbally. On weekdays, what is the typical amount of time you will be able to put into the team? ex: 4pm-9pm 5-11 On weekends, what is the typical amount of time you will be able to put into the team? ex: 4pm-9pm Greater variation but typically 10-2 Tell me a bit about yourself As a player, what is your best quality? Mechanical skill on certain champions, and proficient knowledge of how to shotcall rotations As a player, what is your worst quality? Mid game objective focusing As a person, what is your best quality? Very driven. I will constantly identify my flaws and change them, and I frequently help teammates identify their flaws in a non-confrontational manner. As a person, what is your worst quality? I use dipping tobacco, and sometimes I don't relax enough (eg. spend too much time working without taking breaks) Previous team experiences? Did newsletters and helped in scrims for a diamond ranked 3s team How comfortable are you shot calling for the team? Comfortable with late game shot calling, but mid/early game could use some work Do you have Skype, TS3, Discord, or Curse? I have Skype, Discord, and Curse

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