ill be home in about 20-30 or so minutes ( :D hi guys or girlsdoesnt mattter to me as long as your cool) im looking for somone to carry my bronze ass to silver 3 and show my bronze ass how to get better at this game im allways ready for some improvement and constructive critisism ) i have thick skin so i can take lay it on me mate ) i would like this to be in the form of a duo so i can learn more as ig go and play :3 im usually on after school and if im on moba ill reply as fast as i can :D (im 17 and ACTUALY not a hormonal son of a bitch trying to get girls on league) i just want to hang out and play league not just play ranked I WANT TO CLIME ( im a mid main secondary top) and my champions consist of {{champion:58}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:133}} (PLs plsssplsss...if its not asking for to much have positive attitude :) :D CX cant have a good game if your in a bad mood ( ADD MY IGN ILL REPLY AS SOON AS I CAN) hope to see u on the rifts and may the mighty fish asshole guide your paths to challenger{{champion:105}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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