LF Players for Serious Ranked 5s

I currently have a Jungle, Mid and Support filled. Looking for a dedicated Top main that will be on for practices when they are set and that is willing to practice frequently. You must have the following: ~Skype/Teamspeak/Curse ~A large champion pool ~Be 18+ ~Have an open schedule for practices and ranked matches ~Be available for practices most nights, as that's when we practice The Current Team is as Follows: Top: TBA Jungle: V9 XFactor Mid: Audutrix ADC: LazerDefrag Support: BMWV Post the following if you are interested please: IGN: Age: Role: Current SoloQ Rank: Champion Pool: Top 5 Champs for Role: Time Zone: Availability: Curse/Skype/TS: Strengths: Weaknesses: Have you been on a team before?: Anyone interested in trying-out for the team, please post on this thread and I will add those I am interested in and try you out for the role you want. We will be looking for subs for ever role, so if you are not picked to be a starter, please do not get upset, as I will likely put you on as a substitute if I liked you in the event of our starter becoming inactive or not being the best choice for the team anymore. THANKS!!

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