[LF Members] [Gold +] FBRD: Serious Team | Discord Required, Dedication Required

Hello there guys, Coaches: This is a post for you too, just scroll down. I want to give a disclamier: this post is really long. So I just want you to know if you don't read to whole thing, just know that we are really big on the dedication part of the Team. So if you know you are dedicated, apply to the team and you'll be a crucial part of the Team. To really understand what we're about, read the post, it really doesn't take that long. Hopefully you are here to apply for a team that is going to stick around for a while and plans to climb to the diamond tier and hopefully, someday, the challenger tier. If that's too lofty of a goal but you are still looking to be serious and maybe take it a bit slower, we will have 3rd and 4th string teams that will probably suit you perfectly. Anyways, my team, FBRD, has already had its first tryouts, and is looking to do another round of tryouts to create a larger sub team, and a stronger, more synergized main team. I am hoping to attain about 15 active, dedicated members. Between these 15 members, I am hoping to make one big, dynamic team, where everyone knows how to play with each other. This is because of that one thing called real life gets in the way of climbing to challenger, and things come up so not everyone will always be able to make it to practice everyday, or for the full duration, and that's okay, it is to be expected, However, if you are able but unwilling, this is not the team for you. Now, in this big group or 15 people, there will be a classified 'main' team and a classified 'sub' team, but trust me, I have had teams like this before and lot's of times the subs get just as much play time on the main team as the main players done. Plus, if the entire sub team is present, they will play together anyways. The 'rubric' for players will and the team's schedule will be provided below. In need of Junglers and Top Laners Role: Player IGN: Age: Rank (S6): Main Role: Secondary Role: Strengths as a player: Does the schedule work for you (for the most part)?: Will you adhere, as best as possible, to the schedule?: Are you able to be a part of a Group SMS Message?: **__TRYOUTS__: Next tryouts are Sunday (11/20/16) @ 10 AM PST. Be there!** These are the aspects of the players I am trying to recruit: Be dedicated. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. if you are dedicated it will go a long way. It is the #1 most important thing to me, because skill and synergy can always improve. Chemistry. During tryouts and through the first few weeks of your time on the team, I'm looking for how well you blend in with the crowd, get along, and how that affects your play. Because if we are all friends, trust me, our ADC will get more peel and their ADC will get more targeted and ultimately assassinated and that's a free won team fight and free won game. Communication. This kind of goes hand in hand with chemistry, but I'm oging to be brutally honest, if you are pretty good, but you never talk, like it's almost like you make an effort NOT to talk, then you wont make it on this team. You just won't. But I trust that the people that are looking for a serious, dedicated team, understand that good communication is valued and necessary, and will communicate as effectively as possible. Now, I can ramble on forever about communication, but we will go into how to most effectively communicate when we are working with the team. Skill. This is not to be overlooked even though it is at the bottom of the list. I am looking for both skill and potential skill. I understand that tryouts won't be 25 games, so my paradigm on your skill levels will be greatly skewed, but don't worry, I truly take that into account. I am really looking to see if you can improve, and that is basically always a yes, so, play your best, and hope that you did well enough at tryouts. Criticism. Are you able to take and give criticism, in a effective and not demeaning way? This is usually referred to as 'constructive criticism and it is crucial for players, and ultimately the team to thrive and improve. So, if you are really negative towards this sort of thing, this team thing may not be in your best interest. Also, see if our schedule (prone to change) is able to work (for the most part) for you. Shedule: All times are listed in Pacific Time (West Coast; East Coast is +3 hours) Monday: 7 PM - 10 PM Tuesday: 4 PM - 6 PM (Usually Day off) Wednesday: 7 PM - 10 PM Thursday: 7 PM - 10 PM Friday: 8 PM - 12 AM (Flexible, and due to college turn-ups and normal events, it's okay if you miss, so kinda a day off) Saturday: All day; Specifically 8 PM - 12 AM, but flexible on Saturdays Sunday: 10 AM - 2 PM (Will usually run long) *The practices will sometimes go short, but usually go long, if people still want to play. It’s okay if you can’t make it to all of it, or make all of them. It won’t affect your spot on the roster, unless it’s terribly intrusive to the team’s dynamic. We also have a FBRD Team Google Doc and Discord channel that you will gain access to if you become a part of the team That's our rubric and requirements, you could say, of how we are selecting team members. To tryout please fill out the small application listed below: Thanks players, good luck! (Also feel free to reach me in game, my IGN is MJayMonkey) Coaches: As for the coaching role, it is usually a trickier role to say what I want from it. I, the creator of this team, am sort of a coach as a default, but I also want more professional help, and other, outside, opinions on how to run, coach, train, and operate this team. I am looking for coaches that will: Help Organize. The foundation of any successful team is organization, of practice, rosters, and even play style. You will be expected to help out with this things, including some of the LCS type things like champ select and stuff. I also would like for our Coaching staff to look into getting us into and help organizing events like tournaments, that I am planning on getting into in the future. Coaching & Training. I kind of said everything I wanted a coach to do in the first bullet, but I want to emphasize the fact that I want FBRD's coaching staff to be able to coach and train players to become better at the game individually, and more importantly, I want coaches to help coach players to become better as one unit. Analyze. This goes hand in hand with coaching, but it would be very helpful if you helped record and analyze our team's games and scrims so we could become better as players. Especially as we practice to get ready for big events, like tournaments. If you are interested in becoming a coach, please fill out the application listed below and add m (IGN: MjayMonkey) in game, and let me know you are interested in coaching. Role: Coach IGN: Age: Rank (S6): Have you had any coaching experience before?: Why do you want to coach (can be brief)?: Will you able able to stick to the payers' schedule, somewhat?: We are looking for coaches (pretty desperately), so you have a good chance to become a coach, if you desire to. Okay, thanks to everyone that is applying and Good Luck to all of you. To reiterate: #1 thing I am looking for is dedication and Tryouts are Wednesday at 5 PM (PST) If you have any questions add me in game (MJayMonkey), TSM Zombsowned, or Victor506 and feel free to ask questions. Thanks guys ~Monkey
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