Crimson Galaxy Esports Recruiting Silver and Up

I am looking for at least 3 people to fill positions in a team. As of right now no positions are set in stone, but here is the positional priority we are looking for (from most wanted to least wanted): Mid, ADC, Jungle, Support, Top. We also want subs for when someone is unable to play, so even if your position is filled no worries. We will be trying people out for awhile to see who fits into our play style. We are gonna use Skype for voice chat for at least recruitment then maybe switch to Curse. Preferred Teammate is chill and willing to learn from mistakes, and improving their play but not afraid to give criticism. Note: We are starting tryouts tomorrow at 4 P.M. EST and all tryout games will be in Normal Draft until I feel we have a solid roster. My Info: IGN: CNGY Roman Skype: TheGoldDevil Rank: Silver 2 Role(s): Support/ADC Age: 16 Recruitment Form: IGN: Skype: Rank: Role(s): Age:
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