supp main looking to join serious, active team.

silver 5 support main looking to join serious, active team. my highest ranking was silver 3 last season, and i started playing league half way through season 5. i can also mid and adc fairly well. as for my availability, i'm pretty much on from the time i wake up until i go to sleep. not looking to play with anyone who flames or is toxic in any way, shape, or form. i believe teammates should encourage each other and help each other learn from mistakes each has made. i do have curse and teamspeak, but i don't like to talk so i use it more for listening purposes. my best champs for each role in no particular order. supp champ pool: {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} adcs: {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:67}} mids: {{champion:31}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:115}} if you're interested in me joining your team leave a comment on here with any questions you may have. thank you for your time.
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