Early Morning Weekend Ranked Team [Silver + ]

Hello everyone! It seems that the only time I have some serious time to put into LoL is early mornings on the weekend. LF players who want to join a team around that time frame. **INFO [Sat & Sun] 5 AM PST- 8:30 AM PST ** Feel free to e-mail at chronorabbit88@gmail.com or post here if youre interested in getting this going. It would be aweome to get going this upcoming weekend. I'm LF players who are Silver + and while this is a ranked team, I dont want any ragers. I want to have fun while kicking ass. Just email me your IGN /Rank/Lane you prefer/ Access to a Microphone/if the time frame works for you/where I can contact you best. **TEAM POSITIONS** While I did pre select ADC. I can also move over to support or mid if someone really wants to ADC. TOP: JUNGLE: MID: ADC: ChronoRabbit SUPP:
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