we are looking to start a ranked team from the bottom!

Hello, i am a representative of the league of legends gaming team Taken Overlords. Right now we are recruiting to start a competitive ranked team. We are looking for players with league experience but that need improvement. As of now we are looking for players between the ranks of bronze 5 - gold 5, In solo Que. Any players above gold 5 we believe are well along there way to becoming great players and this is not the team for them. If you are thinking of joining our team these are some rules you may want to consider... Rule 1: you must attend all practices unless you have discussed with the team before hand as to why you will miss. Practice days are as follows... Monday: practice Tuesday: off Wednesday: practice Thursday: off Friday: off Saturday: practice Sunday: off Rule 2: you must be willing to learn from your mistakes and accept criticism without taking offense. on the other hand you are expected to understand that you are on a low elo team and must give your team mates constructive criticism without flaming or getting angry. Rule 3: you must be a mature member of the team that means no flaming, no abuse of other team mates and focus on practice when it is practice time. rule 4: be of the age of 14+ if you are willing to accept these rules and are still interested in the team then we will need to know a bit about you. so please fill out the survey bellow and you will be contacted by either me or the team leader with more information. Summoner name: Age: Do you have a working mic?: Rank: Position(I.E. adc,top,mid): List of preferred champions for above role: Why you think you would be an asset to this team: preferred method of voice communication: Thanks you again for considering joining our team and we hope to see you on the rift.
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