TMG is looking for teams to play in our Spring Split series!

Hello everyone, True Minded Gaming is looking for teams for the first spring split of our league. We are hosting a league of twelve teams that will be competing against each other twice a week, for 3 months. General information: While wanting to allow teams to compete in a mini-lcs league, we want to have variety to ours so teams will join for reasons other than the prize pool. We are using the lcs, other leagues we have closely watched to see what succeeds, and general knowledge to create a league with rules that are fair and a consistent schedule. There will be games on Thursdays,Friday, and Saturdays, with makeup games on Tuesdays. Not all games will be streamed, but the games will all be posted onto our youtube channel, if streamed with commentary, if not streamed simply a replay. There are very few restrictions to this league, but they are as listed: 1. You may not have any Diamond.Masters, Or challenger players on your team(coaches,analysts can be any rank) Two. Your teams rank average must be below Platinum 5. This a league for teams to grow and learn in, as well as to have fun, we do not want teams getting destroyed by high elo players. Three. Toxicity will not be accepted, and your team will be kicked if any player is toxic past the warning. Each team will play at least one game a week, but no more than two games a week unless they are making up for missed games. Each team has one game to reschedule if they do not have all their players, but they must play when they opponent schedules their rematch to be. You have 15 minutes after the scheduled game time to have all 5 members in lobby. Each five minutes after 15 minutes you lose a ban, and at thirty minutes it is a forfeit. Games cannot start if each team does not have 5 players. If each team has the same amount of players, if both teams are missing players the team with more players missing will have a loss. If both teams have the same amount of players not being 5, then the game will not be played and both teams will get a tie(1 point). Games are best of two. If you get two wins, it counts as a win, one win one loss counts as a tie, and two losses counts a loss. Wins are 3 points, ties are 1 point, and losses are 0 points. Games will be played in tournament draft, with each team getting 5 minutes of pause time unless given more by refs. There will never be two games running at once, whether streamed or not. A quick example of how each week will pan out. Tuesday - makeup game between Team 1 and Team two starting at 6PM EST. Thursday - Team 3 v Team 4 starting at 6PM EST. Friday - Team 5v Team 6 7-9PM EST. Team 7 v Team 8 9-11PM EST. Saturday Team 1 vs Team two(disregard the makeup game, that was for example) 3-5PM EST. Team 9 vs Team 10 6-8PM EST. Team 11 vs Team Twelve 8-10PM EST. If you would like to join, please post in the comments the following information: Top IGN, current rank: Jungle IGN, current rank: Mid IGN, current rank: ADC IGN, current rank: Support IGN, current rank: Captain/Manager(who we should contact to let you know about your acceptance, or emergency info, this can be a player or not a player) IGN/Email/Skype(whichever is easiest for us to contact: The league will start one week after all twelve teams have confirmed their roster.
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