Hello I'm HITSU, we are looking for a ADC for a Tournament team. Please read the post, make sure you are interested in growing with a team and sticking around and are willing to play a lot of the same champs. Rules: 1) You must have Discord and a working microphone of, at least, decent quality. If we can't hear you during game, you will not get very far with us. 2) DO NOT APPLY IF YOUR LOWER THAN GOLD(HIGHLY PREFER HIGH GOLD OR PLAT) 3) No smurfs needed or wanted, poor attitude will get you kicked from the team 4) we love to play competitive and like to tryhard, we will learn and grow together as much as we can. 5) Main your role. Team practices are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays - 8:15PM Eastern (NA) times with one or two days extra for tournament games here and there. Attendance is required at least 10 minutes before the start of practice. Failure to do so will result in warnings and/or kicks from the team. It's a game, games are fun, we get that, but this is a competitive team and practices are meant for focus on development and growth as a team and as individual players. Tryouts MONDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY at 8:15 PM Est (We may try people this weekend when we have some free time) Please fill out the questionnaire below, and good luck! Your name/What you prefer to be called: Your summoner name: Age; Your Rank: Your Role: Your top-five champion pool: Can you make our schedule reliably: Do you have any prior experience in teams? If so, explain: How often do you rage/tilt in your games: Your greatest strength: Your greatest weakness: What would you bring to the team: Why do you want to join a team: **TRYOUTS END THE 26TH OF THIS MONTH**
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