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Alright, So, here is the deal, I got to Silver 4, after patience, hard work, and a bunch of my time, to get out of "ELO HELL" & When I went on vacation to England for a week, my friends (got my password) and decided to be funny and pull a prank because they know I like playing league and try to be the best at it, so they went on my account and lost my ranked games, and normal games aswell, joking around and trolling, etc. Now, to be honest, I don't believe in ELO hell, it's just that it took me alot of time to get out the bronze 1 - silver 5 MMR, and now i am back in it, well even worse tbh, and I can't handle it because i had already worked hard to get out of it. I'm still in Silver 4, but my MMR is just crap now. So now the reason for this thread, I was wondering if there is anyone at a Silver 3 or higher, who would possibly like to duo with me, and together, help me get out of this low MMR, I don't know if this is ELO boosting because I don't want a ban or anything, im just looking for a good duo partner that is a higher rank then me that could possibly help get my MMR higher. I know it's preseason and It's basically useless, but I want to get better at the game so when the new season starts I can maybe hit Gold, because in this low mmr, I teach more then learn. So if anyone could be any help or knows of a solution, please let me know. Thanks so much. Appreciate all comments. P.S. Yes, I know i have some scummy friends. -.-
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