LF Serious and Comitted Diamond 4+ Players for CS Qualifiers - EXP/dedicated coach included already

I am currently looking for serious, committed diamond 4+ players for Challenger Series Qualifiers. I have a legitimate coach who has been around since season1 (Mister Lau) and who has done a lot of coaching for previous teams in the past. I will be the manager of the team and expect everyone to be on time for practice and be ranked at least diamond 4+ in solo queue and plat3+ in flex if possible. Do not contact me if you are not serious or do not fulfill those requirements. Below is an application for you to fill out with basic info. As a manager my roles within the team are this: 1. Replace players that decide to leave or drop to sub position 2. Talk with the coach after each game 3. Hold team meetings 4. Set schedule as required each week 5. Get team entered into tournaments Currently need a JG, Mid, and ADC. Application: IGN: Age: please be 17+ Role: Current Solo Queue Rank: Current Flex Queue Rank: Last Season Rank and Peak: Availability with Time Zone: Discord w/ mic: Y/N What is your level of commitment to this team: Scale 1-10 What is your dream for league and do you think you can achieve it?
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