Looking for help.

Hello everyone! I am a bronze player who needs some help in improvement. I have been playing the game for shits and giggles till now, but i wish to play it more competitively this season. I am an ad carry main, but I also do play other roles. I am looking for a duo partner, anyone who is willing to look at my gameplay while playing the game with me, and telling me what I can improve on, instead of saying, "stop feeding, sit under tower and farm." Anyone of higher rank is welcome to criticize my plays, so that I can get better. do bear in mind that this does not mean you can be toxic. There is a difference between " you could have joined us in doing baron" and "why the fXXk were you not at baron, are you autistic?" I won't flame over people who are trying to help me out, I swear. Also, I am looking for a duo partner who wants to be my support (this is separate from the teacher i am looking for above) and play together- as an adc main, I love having a support to duo with! You don't have to be the best player, I just want to play together cause playing alone is boring. Anyone is welcome for this. Thank you for your time, everyone who have spent your valuable time reading this post! Wish you all good luck in your games, and perhaps someone with a kind heart might show up to help me out and show me their awesome ways^^.
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