Putting team together for next season and tourneys

Hi I'm gonna put together a team for next season and for online tournaments to have fun. I have played for a long time and I want to play the game the way it was meant to be played, in a high level cooperative 5v5 game and so I wanna put together a team for it. If you're interested then fill out the form below. **_GOLD + ONLY_** **Practice time will have to be between 1900-0000 PST (Mon.-Fri.) and whenever on Saturday and Sunday due to my work hours** _I will add people and talk to everyone after the walking dead at 1900 PST_ Positions open: -Top -Jungle -ADC -Support -Coach IGN: Rank: Position: Top 5 champs: Why those champs: Why you want to be apart of this team: Experience: Something about yourself: Availability:
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