[Serious] [Gold+] Team seeking players for Mon-Fri nightly play.

Hey everyone, I am creating a ranked team and looking to fill out the roster with a group of like minded people all motivated to improve. I find the structured and serious ranked 5's play to be one of the most satisfying ways to play league. I would like to pull together a team that enjoys the challenge that comes with improving at league, and that can maintain a positive atmosphere while we play. Practice will be a combination of a few things. Playing games, reviewing replays, and theory crafting as a team. Practice schedule is 10 pm - 1 am EST Monday - Friday. Tryouts will be held over the course of a week at minimum. Voice communication is required. Positions sought are: * Top * Jungle * Mid Here's what I am looking for in my ideal teammate. * Constantly looking to improve * Accepts and understands that criticism is not meant to insult, but help you * Has prior experience with ranked 5's * 18+ No exceptions * Able to keep light atmosphere in and out of game, losses will happen, they are a learning experience * Main the role you are applying for * Looking for a long term team * Solo queue rank of gold V+ I have a few goals for the team. 1. Establish a stable roster that will reliably make practice. 2. Start climbing the ranked ladder and establish team synergy. 3. Enter and participate in online tournaments. If all that I have written sounds appealing to you, or you have any other questions about the team or myself, I am more than willing to answer any questions if you add me in game. Please fill out the application by following this link. [Application Link.](http://goo.gl/forms/YFp8HAw4B8JjsuLJ2) After you have filled out the application, please add myself and Razanel in game and let me know you have applied.
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