K2V Gaming Looking for ADC and Support (Bronze-Gold)

We are looking for an ADC and Support to join our team. We want long-term players for our team, we plan on participating in the NCL Open Invitational November 27th and 28th and we plan on competing in possibly 2 Bronze-Gold leagues starting at the beginning of next year. We want players who are willing to broaden their champion pools if it isn't large enough already. We want team players who will improve and adapt. I'm encouraging duos to apply if possible. Discord is our voice communication. If you are interested fill out the below and comment it below or add NickToonZ in-game and send me the application. _**Application**_ IGN: Role: Rank: Top 5 Champions: Availability: Timezone: Strengths: Weaknesses: Experience: Anything Else I Should Know:

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