Perfect Strategy Gaming Looking for Top Laner

We're looking for a top laner to join our ranked 5's team. Must have an understanding of TP plays, lane control, and split pushing. We're around gold MMR, so we're looking for someone similar in terms of skill level. Must know how to play all meta top laners including Fiora, Gangplank, Lissandra, Ryze, etc. Having a healthy base in tank top laners is also nice. We also require a schedule that would allow for nightly practice, starting at 10:30 PM Eastern time, with a minimum of about 4 games. We are slightly flexible however! To apply, please leave your IGN, age, time zone, favorite champ, and a little about yourself. Anyone that adds me in game without first applying here will be ignored!! I don't wanna be mean, but it's hard to manage new applicants that I have no idea who they are.
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