Serious 5 man team looking for ADC and Jungle

We are Controlled Chaos and we are looking for an ADC and Jungle. Top: EX Fast Jungle: Open Mid: shadofang2 ADC: Open Support: Scrambies If you would like to try out please fill out the application below and then add Shadofang2 and Scrambies in game and let them know you commented here. Practice Times: Tuesday 9:30CT(7:30MT)(10:30ET) Thursday 10:30CT(8:30MT)(11:30ET) Friday 11:30CT(9:30MT)(12:00ET) IGN: Name(optional): Age(17+ required): Role: Rank(Gold-Plat required): Flex rank: Timezone: Top 5 champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Have Discord downloaded + mic: Availability: Why you should join Controlled Chaos?: Would you be dedicated to climbing the solo and flex ladder to improve?: Something about you:
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