TeamQQ Gaming seeking serious and dedicated members for serious ranked 5s team

Last season I created this team but unfortunately it broke up because of timing issues and just a bad time of year. However the team is back and ready to go! We are seeking only gold or higher players (sorry to all those silver 1 or lower). Beyond gold your rank is for the most part irrelevant i care about if you can actually play well, communicate with the team well, and play without toxicity. We currently have about 5 people on the team HOWEVER! No lane roles nor mains or subs have been determined yet so now is the time to hop on! I will be holding tryouts right now tonight as well as tommorow to finalize the roster. Once the roaster is made we will discuss practice times every week as well as play times. Most likely practice will be 2-4 times a week, as well as your expected to keep up in yoloQ. This team plans to go all the way with possibly even sponsorships. So without further aduo (is that even spelt right?): IGN: Rank this season (if last season higher put that as well): Role(s): Top 5 in Role(s): Are you willing to play champs to fit a team composition/playstyle?: Strengths: Weaknesses: Are you a good shot caller/listener?: Timezone: Availability: how honest is your application in honesty 1-10?: Form(s) of Voice Communication (this is a must!!! We will most likely use skype unless someone has a TS server or something): Additional Info/about you and your goals:
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