Fun "Trolling" Norms Group

Just looking for people willing to play games with team comps like all poison champs ( teemo, singed, cas ect) full cc comp, ionian girls, map wide ult champs, all junglers, 1 kog adc and 4 sups, least played champs or walk into their base and dance with them. just fun trolly things like that. you cant be afraid to loose or feed. its just for fun so. almost none of my friends are up to play things like this. only requirements are you have to have discord and you have to be min bronze i might let silvers slide if we need more people (if youre higher then that but have a smurf acct that isnt high ranked you can play on that too) . only reason being any elo higher then that will be too hard for me ( i dont do rank ) and others who might join who are also unranked. i might have us all match club tags too to make us more uniform. If you want to join just post your discord name and # so i can add you. feel free to add me on league too. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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