Looking for female league player

Hello. My name is KingSmoochie or Brandon, and I am looking for a girl gamer who loves league as much as I do, and wants to duo or play normals. I am 21 years old and have been playing this game for about 2 years. Why am I looking for a girl gamer? I like the sound of a women's voice. It keeps me calm in stressful situations. Sometimes I get angry at the game, but a ladies voice can keep me in check easily. I'm tired of raging at the game, so help me out please :) ~Requirements~ 1) Microphone - must have a working mic and use skype/curse voice 2) Age - Must be over 18. I don't want to possibly mistake you for a 13 year old boy, and that is why there is an age requirement. 3) Rank - I have a diamond V account, gold V account, and a level 4 account. Any of those in between would be sufficient (so basically everything). 4) Looks - I don't want to know what you look like in real life. Let's just keep this on league. 5) Voice and maturity level - You must take the game seriously and have a relaxing and calming voice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add the account that would most fit your elo KingSmoochie - Diamond V GoldenEyezz - gold V I dont talk - level 4
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