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Greetings ! I've been playing since Season 1 and have mained all roles at one point or another. Over the years I have acquired approximately 20-25 accounts that range from Bronze to Master and I'm willing to play with pretty much anyone and have a good time. I'm an excellent communicator, shotcaller, and very organized/punctual.. I would also expect the same. Please be around S5+ as a minimum but beyond that I'll play with anyone. Happy to play any role but my order of preference would be AD > JG > MID > Support > Top. If your AD is quite mechanically skilled I'd move support higher up on the list. If you have a group of dedicated folks who like to play together with comms and are serious about trying to improve I'd be happy to help. I won't post here publicly but I can provide many proofs of D+ accounts. All-in-all just looking for a solid group thats tilt free, wants to have, but is also serious about winning. I've spent so much time on soloq and boosting the past few years I just want to do something different and meet some folks. Tons of people are reading.. lets play lol. Don't be afraid to add or reply.
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