Silver Team looking for top and support

Ok i feel people are just copying and pasting the answers and giving what sounds good without reading that i have posted below said questions. READ IT ALL so you do not give me answer that i did not ask for. Hello, I am a coach at Pandorum gaming and I am looking for a top and support for a tryout any silver rank is free to apply! I will be leaving an asterisk next to questions that I'll break down in comments below. IGN: Role: Flexibility*1: Timezone: TS/Mic?: Take criticism well?*2: *1: I am looking for people who can adapt and pick up the new meta and champions that rise in it. I am ok with niche picks but I do not support one-tricks who cannot learn and develop as a rounded player. you do not need to be godly on them just willing to learn and able to show improvement. this is a team game so be able to adapt to help the team win. *2: I record and go over games that have good educational value to the teams improvement. I will call you out for doing bad and I will praise you for doing good. I need everyone to be open when answering questions because you never know if I am gonna critique you or praise you. I am not strict but I have rules in place for a reason, so if you're not toxic or a rager please apply willing to learn. we have scheduled practices and in the future, i will be involving the team in other things such as 5's tourney and other things. Good luck to all those who apply! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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