Ineffable Simplicity LF Plat+ Adc and Support duos for serious team.

Hello I'm Pedis and I'm looking for dedicated players to be part of this team. Since so many teams are unstable and players usually leave after a few weeks, I ask that if you do not feel like sticking with the team through the first few weeks which will be rough don't try out since it will waste both my time and yours. Things to know I'm looking for players who are active for most days of the week. If you're not as active this isn't the team for you. We'll be doing tournaments once the team gets settled in and played for a decent amount of time together. We will be entering the ineffable tourney which will start soon. So I am looking for finish tryouts by the end of the week. Application: IGN: Age: Time Zone: Availability: Role/s: Rank: Top Champions: Weakest Champions: Strengths: Weaknesses: Experience in a team environment (Preferred but not mandatory): What I can bring to the team: Extra Information: If you have any questions feel free to add me once you have finished with the application.
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