Apox Gaming is LF A GOLD/PLAT Jungle FOR CLS 300 PRIZE POOL!

Apox Gaming a gold/plat league team
Apox Gaming is a well known organized low elo LCS style team, we participate in many different leagues. Our current main team or "Apox Gaming" is now LF a JUNGLE MAIN, we want someone who really knows their way around the jungle and is not just filling in to join a team. Remember this is a dedication and a commitment, there will be mandatory practices. Trust me this is a fun and great experience, have you felt like every wanting to be on a LCS team here is your chance! Schedule: Monday - Thursday 7 CST- 930ish CST (Practice) Saturday - Sunday (6-8) or (8-10) or (10-12) CST (Games) times may vary depending on schedule Application: IGN: RANK: TOP 3 CHAMPS: CAN YOU MAKE SCHEDULE: PROS(Optional): CONS(Optional): Please do not add me In Game_ ! Thanks! - Anivia HD Manager and owner of Apox Gaming
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