Serious Team Looking for Serious JG (Gold/Silver Pref+)

Hello everyone, We are Exploit Forward Gaming We are currently looking for a Jungler that is serious about being on and growing as a team. Gold/Silver rank is preferred, as most of us are in that rank. I understand that a low elo team doesn't seem to be Ideal. But everyone has to start somewhere. As stated above we are looking for a Jungle MAIN. We have a coach and an analyst that will go over the games that we choose for them to look at (if they were close etc...) Reqs: Please have rank 5 mastery with at least 3 Junglers (If you don't thats fine we will be holding tryouts) Teamspeak 3 is the preferred client that we use Info: IGN (Even tho its posted: Top 3 Champs: Rank (Current): strengths: Weaknesses: How long have you been playing?: Shotcalling experience (Y/N): Dedication (Y/N): Can you take constructive crit well and give it (Y/N): Thanks for reading Please add me In game: I Cant Last hit Or post info here (preferred)
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