LF Some Chill People to Practice With

So I haven't played in like 2-3 months, and before that I played once in a while. I've gotten back into the game, especially with the end of season coming up. A lot of my usual friends no longer play, or they're not always on when I am. To put it simply, I'm looking for some new friends as I get back into the game! I would **love** someone that I could learn with and grow with!! I am behind on the current meta due to my absence :c Though, I have been watching streams to try and get myself up to speed on whatever. I don't want to join a community, really. I am kind of shy, and I never get anywhere. Playing alone succcksssss Some info: - I have Skype/Curse for communication. :'D it'd be cool if you did, too <3. - I have some experience in ranked, and can go into further details about that if you want... but yeah. ~~- this isn't my main account because i'm a failure (:~~
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