Vicious eSports Tempest looking for analysts and assistant coach, d5+ team

Hello, my name is Jesse, aka ALittleUgly, and I am head coach for the team. I am looking for a good staff to help these players get to the best of their abilities, and hopefully get them to challenger series. As an assistant coach, I expect you to be good at: * Doing VOD reviews. This is something that I personally lack as a coach, but it’s partly due to my opinion that going over a VOD with a team is situational and doesn’t need to happen all the time, where as other coaches it’s all they do. * Have stamina. There will be points in time where I want you to go over a large amount of information with me, VOD’s, scouting, etc, and I want you to not get tired or frustrated after a couple hours. * Be enthusiastic. I’m not saying you have to be excited to do everything all the time, but at least in front of the players I expect you to be lively and not drone on and be boring * Have a deep knowledge of the game. There are some thing’s I lack knowledge as as a coach, and somethings I know lots about. I would really prefer if you specialized in rotational play, top lane and jungle, and shotcalling while I focus on team compositions, teaching methods, mid and bot and scouting. There is a lot more to know, but those are the important ones in my opinion. * Be a hard worker. Self explanatory, but don’t be a slacker and there will be rewards in your future As an analyst, I’d like you to * Be smarter than me, be smarter than the players, be smarter than everyone. I know how to communicate all this information and teach the players, but I expect you to backup my knowledge with numbers and spreadsheets or (sometimes) prove me wrong with the same things. * Be familiar with different technologies i.e spreadsheets. * Work with me behind the scenes. You don’t have to have as much of a relationship as me with the players if you don’t want to, but I want you to have a good relationship with the staff. Be a team player is all I ask, even without being on the team If you’re interested, add either me or Pixie Stix in game, or reply to this post. Thanks, have a good day
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