The Locker Room is Recruiting

Why The Locker Room for a name? Well, we're laid back chill and...naked... We like to have fun we troll but we always try to win games. Trolling is only fun if you actually win the game, anyone can troll..but only the best trolls still win. We really only have 1 rule, get along. We do not rage at our members. We realize none of us are challenger or even diamond here and that's ok. We came from a community that tried to grow way to fast and it blew up because we had some bad apples join who just annoyed everyone else. Currently we are pretty small we have 25+ members we usually have 5-10 online at a time (not currently). We'd like to get 50-100 members, we don't want to be to big because want people have clicks. In communities that are huge that can be difficult. Anyways, if you want to join add me in game (Bad Ol Putty Tat) Thanks!

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