LF A Top and Mid for My Season 6 Ranked 5s Team!!! If Interested add me on League or comment below!!

Hello everyone, my name is FeelsGoodDan, and I am currently looking for a TOP and mid to fill the last two spots on my team. Now this team will be mainly used in Season 6, but I want to get a team together and play sooner than later with the players. That is my goal at least. So if you play MID or TOP, and want to be on a team that is determined to get Gold/Plat for next season then please consider joining my team. A couple things about me is that I am a bronze jungler, but was on Silver teams and gold teams in the past. I also coached a Gold 3 team in some TeamSpeak tournaments in the past. So I am an experience player and I know how to run a team. So if you want to join as our new MID or TOP laners, then please message me in game... My IGN is: FeelsGoodDan... Also, please apply below, I would appreciate that!!!! It maikes things easier for me, when I select people from the tryouts. APPLICATION!!!! IGN: Rank: Top 5 Champs in TOP/MID (Either one): What can you bring to a team environment: Can you shot-call: Speak fluent English??? Why do you want to be on a ranked team? PLEASE APPLY, then add me so I can look at the application... THANKS!!!!!
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