Silver- LOW GOLD--Ranked 5's Team looking for a Jungle MAIN. Must follow application rules.

Hello, my ranked team is recruiting a jungler for dynamic queue and ranked 5's (Whenever that will come out again). So far we've played together for THREE WEEKS. We have established our team comps, strategies, as well as reflection on mistakes. To apply you must meet the following criteria: 1) You must be available to play/practice Wednesdays and Fridays. 5:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM EST 2) You must be a team player, if you cannot play for the team, do not bother applying. 3) Absolutely MUST be able to take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If you cannot take criticism well, we do not need you in our team environment. 4) Be mature and respectful to the team and yourself. 5) Please do not presume to be toxic and tell everyone else what to do. We have run into this a lot and the player that tries to tell everyone what to do is feeding. We do NOT care if you watch LCS, LCK, LPL, whatever. You are playing on a team and NO ONE IS ABOVE ANYONE. Note: bonus points for players with the champion pool of: {{champion:79}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:104}} Application Questions: Please answer them **IN DETAIL** 1) Why do you think you're a suit to our team? 2) What is your personality like? Are you toxic or overbearing? 3) Are you available for our practice times? 4) Can you use Discord? 5) What is your jungle champion pool and playstyle? 6) Are you willing to meet what the team needs rather than what you want to play? 7) Are you able to take and give **CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM** 8) Are you mature and respectful? 9) Are you at least proficient in how you play? (You do not have to carry, just be a role player and do your job). 10) Again, are you able to talk with the team after a loss/win and give constructive criticism in a FRIENDLY manner and not be overbearing or (for lack of a better word or term, act like you're better than everyone else.) The scoring criteria on the application will be shown below: 5 or below, you will not be considered at all. 7- Interview questions and a try out are in order, I will add you, DO NOT ADD ME 8 or higher- A tryout over Discord me. Thank you, have a nice day. **DO NOT MESSAGE ME OR ADD ME BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS APPLICATION PROCESS**
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