HAVOC looking for a top laner, jungler substitue, and macro coach/analyst

Hey guys! Team Owner Y4SO here for HAVOC. We are currently hosting a new roster for the 3rd season of the ABL series (ablseries.com). We are looking for committed and dedicated players to join our roster. The registration for the ABL series is not free as it is 60 dollars for the team and 10 dollars per player to compete. However, all expenses for the registration are going to be covered by me. 1st place will receive at least a $500 prize pool and will be split equally among the players that are part of the main roster and subs category as well as the coaching staff. We are an ambitious team that go beyond just the ABL series. As we improve our gameplay, we will be participating in even higher prize pool money to reward our players the opportunities and time commitment they have invested into the team. Therefore, we are opening opportunities to players that are ambitious and competitive to join our roster and represent our team! The best part is, it’s free entry! All coaching will include 1 on 1 sessions in solo que as well as scrims with full on VOD videos to ensure your improvement in the game as we will set short term goals and long term goals that includes ingame and personal. There is no cost for coaching. All we ask is primarily dedication and consistency. We are looking to finish the recruitment process by the end of Sunday this week, December 17th. At the end of the day we strive to have fun! Here are the guidelines… Rules: Keep it professional. No drama. Maintain a positive attitude. Be on time to practice. Commitment is a must. Honesty. Respect to all the staff and players. Ability to receive constructive criticism. Have fun. Minimum Requirements: Ranking must be between Gold 2 to Plat 2 100lp. Age of 17 or older Working Microphone Desire to improve and compete competitively Preferred requirements: Ranking must be between Gold 1 to Plat 2 100lp. Age of 18 or older. Working Microphone. Desire to improve and compete competitively. Experience in other teams. Good communication skills is a plus. Time flexibility is a plus. In-depth understanding of game knowledge is a plus. We are currently looking for the following spots to be filled… Macro Coach/Analyst Top: Jungle:Already Filled (looking for a substitute) Mid: Already filled Adc: Already filled Support: Already filled Subs: Already filled Subs: Already filled Subs: How to apply for the team? Simple. Just answer these questions on the board and add me ingame to set up an interview. Your interviewer may either be with me or the owner or both. Interview will be conducted in discord. What is your main ingame name? How old are you? What timezone do you live in? Why do you want to join this organization? What are your past experience in previous team(if you had any)? What position you are applying for? What champions do you play in that specific role(s)? Why we should have you on our roster?
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