Looking for Jungler silver/gold for competitive team

Hello We're apart of a new team looking for Dedicated Member(s) for our CORE GROUP Member's for the Following positions: Dedication to us mean: Willing to try to meet the selected day's time. No Second Teams Someone who main's the role they are applying for. Also Applicant's must contain a Flex Rank of Silver V to Gold III. (No Bronze, No Plat+) Roles Needed: Jungle About us. We use Discord, (Private server) We also use a Phone app called "Group Me." To keep in touch with each other about meeting times and practice dates. We also use Google Spread sheets for building team Comps, schedules, Goals, Constructive Criticism (This is the good kind; non toxic- and anonymous.) WE meet and play during the times: 4:00-8:00/9:00 PM (PST) We have a couple mandatory practice days; follow as: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Weekends will be discussed weekly through the Group Me App. Please fill out the following: Age: Solo Q Rank : Flex Pick Rank: Position/Lane : Champion Pool: Microphone Y/N : Strength's : Weakness : Other (If Applicable) :
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