Girl LF Silver Duo! And some "Advanced" Tutoring, minus coaching.

Star guardian Lux . NSFW available.
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Hehe, looking for a busy night with someone somewhere, one person at a time. This is usually just a regular duo appli but i'm a bit in need of some help as well.. so i'll be a bit more--.. high-strung and will be looking for some convincing that you're good confidently so i can go back to playing more confidently in my self. Just don't get arrogant or too cocky. That just spell disaster before it even starts. I like men who can control their attitudes and tempers, and it helps calm me down, too. I'm also looking for some smurfs or goodies to help teach me more about league. it's obvious i been tied to a post down in silver and bronze for way too long and i know the basics, but i learn better when i play rather than watching. So if anyone can show me and teach me stuff in game would be wonderful! Stereotypes say girls only play supp. So i'll be your supp. I'll be your jung. i'll be your adc. The other 2 lanes are questionable.. But not undo-able. I have TS and Skype and CV, but i don't talk very much out loud. I'm more of a thinker.. So i'm louder and make a lot more sense here than sputtering and making weird incoherent sentences out loud on speaker.. Basically i hate my own voice too. Sad, i know. DO NOT get too offended that i did not add you in the time of your expectation, sometimes people get multiple adds at a time and adding everyone is just asking for way too many chats to be open at once and i can only play a game at a time and keep track of so many open chat boxes. But i won't delete anybody either. Thank you so much for adding!
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