Something Sinister forming

Hi my name is Karuka (aka Jake) I am forming a team, we will be practicing almost every night, when I get the set roster ill make practice times and a schedule. Please only dedicated players fill out the report so I can read through and look for my best options. I play adc and we're looking for all roles, ill try everyone out so there is a fair chance and I would just like to know a few things. I would prefer if we had people in gold and plat writing applications but I will probably try everyone out and see how it goes. Another thing that I would like to add is that I am going to be playing ADC and shot calling early on I am going to move away from shot calling as we get more accustomed to playing with each other. We will be using discord so please have that. Top: ? jungle: ? Mid: ? Adc: karuka (me) Support: ? Time zone/ Availability Most nights we're going to be playing at night around 8pm or 10pm eastern can you make these times: role: Rank:
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