New team in need of a midlaner and analyst

Me and a group of my friends have recently started an unofficial (sense ranked 5s dosent technically exist anymore) team and we have every position filled but mid. What we are looking for is someone who can fit just some basic criteria. the first and foremost is attitude. More important than skill in the actual game or anything else we want someone who is friendly, easy going and wont take losses to hard. No one wins every game there is no escaping that. What we want is to play every game with the intent to get better as a team, not to just win that game. With this in mind i do not mind accepting a player from any level of bronze as long as they have the desire to improve, a good attitude and willingness to work with the team- i.e learning new champions for different types of comps, or itemization. Midlaners aside, i would also like to have someone, preferably plat or higher, spectate some of our matches mabye once a week or so. As leader and shotcaller of my team i analyze our games myself right now and look for things for us to improve on but i would like a second opinion because there are obviously things im going to miss. If you are intrested in playing mid for my team, or being an analyst reply here and ill send you a friend request on my alt. Keep in mind this is NOT a high elo, our players aveage from b2-silver 1 currently.
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