Liquid Zero | Looking for a Community / Organization to play for! | Hello! My name is Kellen I am also known as Voltic Captain in game and I am here to inform anyone who is interested in what I have to say and that would be that I am currently in search of a Gaming Community or Organization for the team that I manage and play on named Liquid Zero! Now let me tell you a little about the team so that you know what you could be investing in! Liquid Zero is a newly established team that is aimed on growth and solid game play. We are a high gold to mid platinum that is on the up and ups with positive attitudes allowing us to stay confident in any point of the game. The team has the intentions of practicing every day as we have since we have formed with the intentions to build enough synergy and confidence in each other for when we look to join a tournament which is our goal to one day win tournaments which could bring a bit of publicity to what ever Community or Organization we could potentially play for. If you have anymore questions feel free to add me on League or post below and I will aim to check this post each hour and respond to posts as they come in! Thanks for your time!
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