Team Affinity eSports LF Mid Laner

Hello! **Team Affinity eSports** is looking for a new **mid laner**. Our team has been around for about a year with only a few roster changes. Please only apply if you meet the following requirements. Gold+ Can make all weekly practices on time Have a Twitch stream setup Have excellent communication outside of game If you meet these requirements, please complete the following questions: _IGN: Age: Current Rank: Best Middle Champions: Longest Length on a Team: Schedule:_ We also expect you to be respectful to all players at all times and have good communication for scheduling purposes with all team members. I will stress this, "communication is key". Our team schedule is as follows: **Tuesday 5 MTN Thursday 5 MTN Saturday 5 MTN** (Often times we will practice more than those days, however those days are set in stone) If you are interested in trying out, please post in here and I will add you in-game to schedule you! Thank you!
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