Legends Fight Club - Bronze Division

Legends Fight Club - LFC A Place to experience the thrill of 5-man games in a best of 3 format. •I Am Looking to find or form 4 5-man teams made of Bronze players. •Each Team will Play once Per week either Tues or Thurs at 6pm PST in a best of 3 match. •The Games will be Streamed Live with Amateur Shoutcasting by Myself and Possibly a guest. •Requirements are only that you are ranked Bronze in solo Q, •Please post below With summoner name, Rank and top 3 roles. You must be available tues and thurs nights at 6pm PST. (9 EST) for up to 3 hrs depending on # of games and length. If for some reason a player cannot make a scheduled game a sub will be selected from the applicants. If you have any questions Please feel free to ask. I'll post an Update each day to keep you all up to date. Show will be on www.twitch.tv/Ablegamer Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtxqhylml3wvDtoPvExCoA?view_as=public Add me on Facebook "Legends Fightclub" I recommend having Curse or Skype available
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