TOP- TAKEN SUB-OPEN MID-OPEN SUB-OPEN JG-OPEN SUB-OPEN ADC-OPEN SUB-OPEN SUPPORT-OPEN SUB-OPEN COACH DIAMOND+ OPEN UPDATE* We are looking for a manager(someone to manage training regiments and do tryouts with, Someone with game knowledge) Hello, I'm very interested in forming an amateur team! I would like nothing better then to form it with people who are fairly introduced into this game and have somewhat a clue to how to play league of legends. Of course I'm talking about the elo of PLAT+. Now I'm not asking you guys to play on your mains, just show me that you have a plat account and its fine! I will be trying people out on my smurf and obviously you guys would not like to lose lp on your mains and I would not want to as well. I am looking for people who have chosen their main role of league and have 2 CHAMPIONS FOR THIS ROLE. I understand we all think we can be the next best thing (cough cough) but sadly we are just not there yet boys. Compared to the pros we barley even know how to breath let alone play on their level. This group is designed to select an elitist group and improve together. This is teams, not solo q. DON'T EXPECT TO NOT RELY ON OTHERS.This team will be based around working together and learning each others play styles. Of course I don't want boosted animals who complain about someone else every two seconds but its always good for constructive criticism. I'm saying all of this information because I want to present to you all reading the mindset I want you in. I'f you don't have the confidence needed to be in the mindset that you can win the game for your team then don't bother applying and wasting my time. I already have enough problems making min. wage working 40+ a week with morons. also this team will practice the majority of the week so make sure you have actual time to play the game. TRYOUTS Anytime I feel like it. I will add you to a club. lets go into your POV. You have just got an invite to the club. You go for the tryout with me and random people you've never met before. Your asked to play like your normally would with your main role. You play and you feed your ass off. You leave after the game and go to sleep. You wake up the next morning and you don't have a club anymore. GG. If you do manage to stay in the club you have made it so don't KYS :D APPLICATION INFO Name: Age: Sexual Identity(sorry guys obama): Role: 2 bread&butter champs: Rank: For example: Name: Joe Sexual Identity: A sandwich Role: Top 2 bread&butter champs: Irelianeedasandwich and Yasuo Rank: Challenger Thanks for reading. I hope to meet you soon!{{champion:17}}
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