Reverse Blade Gaming Support Tryouts. Regular hours EST 11pm-4am. Tournament Team

Hi welcome to Reverse Blade Gaming! We're a team that's looking to fill the role of support for tournament participation and flexq climbing looking to practice 3-4 nights a week for starters although 5 would be ideal. If we select you for tryouts we'll do about 2- 3 games in a ranked q to get an idea of how you operate. Don't worry too much about if we win or lose those games; Just do your best and convince us that you're serious about playing and an ideal candidate for the team. Only one other pre-requisite is that you have curse voice downloaded. If not curse we can use discord as a temporary alternative. If you could fill out this short application it'd go a long way for us when considering you for the position. Age: Rank: [This season and last] We'd prefer you be around gold 3 for at least or the other. Champion Pool: How many night's a week are you comfortable participating and what does your daily play schedule look like? Strength's: Weakness's: or Lolking link----->
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