Looking for someone who could help me get better

{{item:3165}} I'm lvl 30 but my skills say 14. I play with a group but all but one are much better then me and I feel like dead weight when playing with them. I'm looking for someone who is nice, doesn't have shit grammar, is patient with me when I get mad for not doing good, and is willing to play norms with me and not get mad if/when I feed. I "play" ADC but I'm not that good with it. I'm supposed to carry as the adc lol. I also play sup and mid. The champions I play are 1. {{champion:67}} Vayne 2. {{champion:103}} Ahri 3. {{champion:25}} Morg 4. {{champion:117}} AD Top/Mid/ADC lulu 5. {{champion:51}} Cait 6. {{champion:15}} Sivir 7. {{champion:22}} Ashe 8. {{champion:21}} MF 9. {{champion:11}} and experimenting with Yi (Mains order) so if you have any experience with these champs id also love tips and tricks :) we will talk on discord so if you don't have disc I'm sorry If anyone's interested and you're looking for more info or questions feel free to message me @Glowing Eyes#6087 {{item:3165}}
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