Lucky 13 Esports is looking for Diamond+ talent for our main and sub rosters

Hello folks, I am a part of L13's dedicated coaching staff and I am looking for some eager talented players (preferably with previous team experience) looking to be a part of something bigger. We have been an organization for over 8 months and we have had many obstacles that we have withstood and overcome including the loss and gain of many different players, but overall we have rounded out with some exceptional talent. As of right now we are looking for a Diamond+ Support and Mid Laner mainly, however we are accepting applications for all lanes. If you outperform a main roster player, they will be replaced with you. (For example, if you are a jungle player and you tryout, you will be initially considered for a potential sub position, but if you are without question, better than our current jungler for our team, you will be considered for the main jungle roster position.) I'd like to also make a note that this is a serious team that meets Monday-Thursday 5pm-8:30pm EST every week to practice. if this practice schedule and the above requirements fit what you are looking for, please fill out the below application and I will set up an initial interview with you. **ATTENTION**: We are in great need of a team shot caller, someone who feels comfortable playing they're role and also making difficult calls/decisions throughout the game to lead the team to victory. If you feel you might be able to fill big shoes like this as well, please put 'Yes' next to shot caller and you will have even more priority over another tryout or even one of our main roster players. (This may come with extra questions and time in the interview/tryout.) _**-------#*Application*#---------**_ _In Game Name: Age: Position: Top 5 Champions: Solo Que Rank: Flex Rank: Why is your rank not higher? Voice/Discord/headset? Are you a shotcaller? Favorite Pro Player: Why? Favorite LCS Team: Why? What makes you stand out over your peers? What happened with your last team? Why would Lucky 13 be a great organization for you?_ Please message me in game after you submit your app with the phrase "_Blue_" and i will review your application and set up an interview with you.
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