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The latest Tweets from Conform™ (@ConformEsports). Multi Gaming Organization. For serious inquiries email Powered by:@CatalystMints, @BluvosEnergy & @Skreyne Discount Code conformesports. United States Social Media! [Website]( [Twitter]( [Facebook]( [Please follow to see what's conform up to!] **About Conform** Conform eSports is a Professional Multi Gaming Organization. We value basic principals of loyalty, commitment and trust to our fans, and members. We seek to pickup untapped talent in our members who want to improve, whether you are a competitive veteran or a casual newcomer! Our mission is to provide our members with a place they can call home and meet and new people who are like minded, so that they may help each other become better players. **Conform Goals** Naturally we will start small by getting involved in amateur tournaments, and when given the opportunity we will expand and reach further. What we need is players who understand that there is both possibilities of things moving extremely quickly and everything going entirely according to plan, as well as the process being tedious and disproportionate to any initial expectations. We are very passionate about becoming a stronger and much larger organization so that we can provide more for the entirety of our organization. The most important thing is please be understand the magnitude of what our organization is trying to achieve here, and if you aren't willing or capable of doing what it takes to get where we intend to go then please don't waste our time. **Practice will start at 8:00 est / 7:00 cst / 6:00 mst / 5:00 pst** Tryouts will be tomorrow 9/12/16 at 8:00 est so if you are interested apply now! Gold+ **Application for Players** > IGN: > Rank: > Role: > Season 5 Rank: > Top 5 Mains: > How long have you played league? > How many hours do you play in a weak? > What are you goals for league of legends? > We have a strict two no show policy do you agree? > When are you mostly available? > Ranked 5's Exp? > Highest rank achieved in teams? > How many tournament's have you been in and won 1-4th place? > Would you be interested in a sub position if you dont make main team? > What are you looking for out of this team? > Would you say that you are a coachable person? > Strengths: > Weakness's: > Things you want to avoid in a team environment? > Personality traits: [Skipping questions shows me you are not committed] **Must Apply before adding**
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