[CrossFire] Ranked 5's Team LF: Jg, Mid, Sup, Adc

I am the founder of CrossFire LoL. We are a new team looking for Silver+ players to come together and climb the ranked 5's ladder. Current positions (will update as filled): Top: Wymanator Jg: Mid: Sup: Adc: Requirements: -Silver+ -Able to use Skype -Have a mic -Have a good attitude I want to enforce the "have a good attitude" requirement. The main goal of the team is to play for fun and climb the ranked ladder as one while enjoying the process. Please fill out the application below and I will add you in game. Or if you want to go head and add me yourself see below. In game name: Wymanator Application: Username: Rank: Role: Also a heads up: I have been very busy this summer and I will soon have more time but practices will be very lax.
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